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Welcome to Golden Angels

Breeder of Golden Retrievers

and Goldendoodles.

"A great breeder and a great forever family, makes a great dog."

What makes us Unique

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Raising calm, lovely, well behaved puppies, with an
excellent temperament, and therapy dogs is our number one focus.


Our puppies receive a Veterinarian Certificate of Health confirming each puppy is healthy,  their 1st puppy shots, multiple dewormings, and will be ready to go to their new home at 8 weeks of age. 


We give our
neonates boiled organ broth, usually from a cow's liver, with an eye dropped at 24 hours of age to spur their immune systems. 


We make our own puppy mash with high quality dog food, probiotics, high fat Greek yogourt, and as they age we add pureed cranberries, carrots, and human grade boiled chicken along with the broth.


We never leave our puppies alone, and we use professional puppysitters if we have to leave, although we are almost always home with the puppies during the 8 weeks we have with each sweet soul.


Every puppy has multiple physical human contacts daily. We strongly believe the first 8 weeks are the foundation of the puppies life, and every aspect matters. 


Music, talking, and human sound is on for the puppies 24 x 7 whether they are in the puppy room or the puppy gym. We usually play happy musical soundtracks, never anything loud or scary.


We do have an application process, we don't sell our puppies to just anyone who wants one. We don't accept deposits or etransfers until after a family is approved for adoption.


About Us at Golden Angels

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We are a multi generational family, ethically breeding Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles in a country setting.

We are a combination of very researched based and holistic in our approaches.

Raising calm, lovely, well behaved puppies, with an excellent temperament, and therapy dogs is our number one focus.

Care, nutrition, health and welfare are also a daily focus.

We have carefully created a plan to ensure all our puppies are raised this way.

Adaptability training is an essential skill all puppies must master, and can being doing well at by 8 weeks of age.  We encourage our families to follow through with this.

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We strongly believe that the foundation a puppy is given in the first 8 weeks of their life, has the largest and most significant impact on the puppy for the rest of their life.

Teaching a puppy to trust and love their humans is key to ensure willingness of the puppy to bond, train joyfully, listen and absolutely love their humans back.

Previous Puppies

Here are some pictures of our previous puppies who we have had the honour of raising and finding perfect homes for. 

Our next litter will be Golden Retrievers will be in the summer of 2023, followed by Golden Doodles in the fall of 2023.  We are approving or choosing our families now for these litters.  
We approve families, we don't run a "wait" list.

This allows each family to enjoy the full birth story.
We publish an update each week for our families on the growth, development and training of the puppies, along with lots of
pictures and videos.

An x-ray of a previous litter of puppies.


A previous litter of puppies.

We were pleased to be able to bless some new families with a happy, healthy, beautiful puppy.   

For future litters, please apply using the link provided. 

Please understand we cannot return emails until we have an application filled out as we can get hundreds of emails.  We do make sure all your questions are answered before we proceed with approving an adoption.  

We do not show our puppies for security reasons until families are selected.   

We work hard to help each family choose the perfect puppy for their lifestyle. 

Click play and click on the sound icon, to enjoy video of previous litter.
Click play and click on the sound icon, to enjoy video of previous litter.
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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Start the puppy adoption process. 

  • Our application is designed to ensure our puppies go to safe, loving and responsible families.

  • The application process is 60 questions and takes approximately 30 minutes.  

  • Our application is long to ensure we provide the best family for each puppy and the best puppy for you.   We work hard to do our best for every puppy and family.

  • Our puppies are $2500 and well worth it, as they will be given the foundation for a successful life.  There are cheaper puppies out there, but the saying"you get what you pay for" is very true in the puppy breeding world. Please check out our section on Puppy Mills.

  • Our deposit structure and probably the answer to most questions, is in the 'Terms and Conditions' section at the back of our application.

Happy Families!

Just wanted to share some joy that is our Bo 💙 He is oh so loved by everyone he meets and we fall more and more in love with him every day, even when it seems impossible. Everyone always comments on what a good, calm, and pleasant puppy he is, and I think that is a testament to you throughout his early days! He’s such a joy and impossible not to love. 

- Katelyn G.


Everyone who meets my puppy (who is only 4 and a half months old) can’t believe how calm, affectionate and intelligent he is. He sleeps through the night and has no separation anxiety. He’s good with everyone and everyone’s dog. He’s so easy to train and so willing to share his love and friendly attitude with people. I’m planning on pursuing having him certified as a therapy dog.

He’s definitely a “dream dog” and I’m so grateful to Anna for giving my beloved puppy, Griffin, the absolute BEST start to a happy, healthy life.

It was absolutely worth flying across the country to bring my Golden Angel Puppy home to British Columbia.

I’m so glad I found Golden Angels Breeder.

Thank you Anna!

Erin M, Vancouver, BC

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Have questions or want to fill out an application?

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