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About Golden Angels

We are a multi generational family, ethically breeding Golden Retrievers in a country setting. 

We are a combination of very researched based and holistic in our approach. 

Raising calm, lovely, well behaved puppies, with an excellent temperament,

and therapy dogs is our number one focus.

Care, nutrition, health and welfare, and individual needs are also a daily focus.

Golden Retrievers

 Golden Retrievers are wonderful family members, wonderful with children, very loyal and easy to train. 

They have joyful personalities, love to be loved, love to learn and are naturally well behaved dogs. Golden Retrievers are known for being very healthy dogs overall and have a natural beauty that is very easy to maintain.


How We Raise Our Puppies

We strongly believe the first 8 weeks are the foundation of each puppy's life, and every aspect matters. 


The foundation a puppy is given in the first 8 weeks of their life, has the largest and most significant impact on the puppy for the rest of their life.

We have a well researched plan for each week of the puppies lives with us,

that changes as they grow and develop.


Every puppy has multiple physical human contacts daily,

installing love and trust into their sweet hearts. 

Puppies need love, warmth, clean air, dry blankets, training and socialization.

Teaching a puppy to love and trust their human is essential,

and ensures the puppy will develope

into a loving dog that is able to learn, free from fear. 

A dog who can't trust, also can't properly learn or love,

and usually is re-homed multiple times, as they had no foundation as a puppy.  

They have little chance for a life of happiness.

We spend 8 weeks with a complete and absolute 

commitment to our puppies

to ensure they have the best chance 

for a life of happiness.


Our puppies are $2500 and well worth it,

as they will be given the foundation for a successful life.  

There are cheaper puppies out there, but the saying

"you get what you pay for" is very true in the puppy breeding world.

Please check out our section on Puppy Mills.

Our deposit structure and probably the answer to most questions, 

is in the 'Terms and Conditions' section

at the back of our application.  

Golden Angels logo
Golden Angels logo

Our puppies are born in a white whelping box or birthing pen, with white or light coloured blankets keeping them warm and dry.   The whelping box has a heated floor and body temperature is carefully monitored and maintained during the neonatal stage and as puppies.


Our puppies are kept in a clean, warm environment 24 x 7 and are never left alone. The puppy room has a whelping box with a heated floor, an incubator which is used after birth if needed and where the puppies go when the whelping area is being cleaned, an X-pen for when they are older, soft lighting which is on 24 x 7 for the first 5 weeks, Internet so we can work beside them, and surround sound so they can hear human voices, singing and music 24 x 7. We usually play things such as Christmas music or happy soundtracks, never anything loud or scary.  The puppies also have an air purifier and a dehumidifier, along with heat and air conditioning.


Their blankets are ALWAYS clean and warm and dry. We use only white and or light coloured blankets so we can easily see if they are wet or soiled. Our puppy room also has a queen bed as we sleep in the room with the puppies and wake for every feeding. 

Golden Angels logo

We never leave our puppies alone, and we use professional puppy sitters if we have to leave, although we are almost always home with the puppies. Puppy theft is a real risk and happens often. Typically 8 out of 10 adopting families have children, and we take their anticipation of a new best friend very seriously and do everything possible to protect the puppies to ensure they go to their families and not to a life of horror in a breeding mill for puppies.


We have a plan of socialization for each week that changes as they grow and develop. Every puppy has multiple physical human contacts daily. We strongly believe the first 8 weeks are the foundation of the puppies life, and every aspect matters. Puppies need love, warmth, clean air, dry blankets, training and socialization. Puppies raised in barns (dusty and cold) or basements (damp and often mouldy) lack warmth, socialization, and clean air; all of which are essential for health, growth and proper development. We follow the Rule of Seven for the socialization of our puppies. We have a puppy gym for the day time after the puppies are walking and we change it weekly as the puppies grow, develop, and develop their individual coordination. Puppy training such as “leave it” is done one on one with each puppy.

Golden Retriever puppy

Music, talking, and human sound is on for the puppies 24 x 7 whether they are in the puppy room or the puppy gym. Access to children and other pets, including cats is part of their socialization. Crate training is done in weeks 5 through 8. Car rides and different modes of transportation are also done.


Nutrition is top notch also, and very researched based. We give our neonates boiled organ broth, usually from a cow's liver, with an eye dropped at 24 hours of age to spur their immune systems. We make our own puppy mash with high quality dog food, high fat Greek yogourt, probiotics, and as they age we add freshly made cranberry juice, pureed cranberries and carrots, and pureed human grade boiled chicken along with the broth. We change where and how the puppies eat daily as this is all part of their adaptability training. One day they may eat from a plastic bowl, the next day from a china plate and the next day off a communal platter with their littermates. There is nothing harder than having a dog that refuses to eat or drink because they don't have the one bowl they know. Therefore we also teach the puppies to eat and drink from our hands too and encourage the families to continue this.



We do have a thorough application process, that is part of our Standards of Care.   Our applications are thorough to ensure our puppies go to safe, loving and responsible homes.   We cannot approve an adoption without an application.

The information provided in your application is sent through a secure and encrypted email, and does not leave our possession for any reason.  It is safe.  

We don't sell our puppies to just anyone who wants one. We don't accept deposits or e-transfers until after a family is full approved for adoption. 
As breeders, we choose the best homes possible for our puppies and this encompasses many factors, not just dog experience.

Choosing the right home is very important for us, as we give each sweet soul the very best start in life.

We do all this, because we love our puppies.  Yes, it is a LOT of work.

We trust our instincts too.

Golden Angels logo
Golden Retriever puppy

Our puppies are never outdoors in cages, barns or pens of any kind. Puppies are not vaccinated until 8 weeks of age (and not fully vaccinated until 6 months of age) and need to be protected from parasites and viruses that they can pick up and carry. We introduce them to the outdoors in a controlled setting. We have no outdoor cages for our adult dogs, our environment is kept natural and all our adult dogs sleep in the home with the family. Ethically raised and loved.

The first 8 weeks is the most important time for building trust and love in a little one. Once accomplished they want to learn, please and be part of their family, and they trust humans and meet new folks, like their veterinarian with excitement instead of fear. Their foundation really matters.


A great breeder and a great forever family, makes a great dog.


We take great responsibility for our dogs. We are here for support for the life of our puppies/dogs

Meet The Moms'

Mom Golden Retriever


Meet The Dads'

Dad Golden Retriever

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